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ReputationAdvocate.com Explains Why Online Slander is Legal
For consumers, the Internet has opened up opportunities to find information anytime, anywhere there’s an Internet connection, at the click of a mouse. While this can be beneficial, it has also opened up a world of potential problems for business owners who find themselves targets. Whether you’re a business owner or a concerned individual, ReputationAdvocate.com can help you clean up your online presence without delays and costly legal fees.

Should I take legal action if I feel I’m being maligned online?
Legal action is one option, but be aware it may be costly and ineffective. The team at ReputationAdvocate.com has found that many legal cases relating to negative online content receive little or no attention by the courts. While laws were passed in 1996 and 1998 that provided a basic framework for online oversight, technology has outstripped the government’s ability to maintain legislation the continues to address the ever-changing landscape of the global Internet. Proving libel generally involves demonstrating that incorrect factual information was posted on a subject. Since many of the situations ReputationAdvocate.com staff deals with involve blogs, legal postings, product reviews, topic specific sites and forum posts, the material in question generally falls under the category of “opinion” rather than fact.

Why should I choose ReputationAdvocate.com instead of attempting legal action?
ReputationAdvocate.com can help you avoid exorbitant legal fees and months of waiting for the courts to hear your case. At ReputationAdvocate.com, we can work within the confines of the Internet to clear up your online presence, without having to ever confront the party doing the damage. ReputationAdvocate.com believes that there is a more positive approach that can be taken.

Should I demand the content be removed?
ReputationAdvocate.com has seen many clients try to find resolution on their own. While contacting the person that put up the posting seems logical, the experts at ReputationAdvocate.com explain that this approach can actually add fuel to the fire. Often the person posting the negative comment is simply looking for attention, and attempts to contact the person feed that need for attention.
ReputationAdvocate.com has found that attempting to contact the slander sites’ ISP is usually a waste of time as well. Courts can demand content be taken down, but such court orders generally aren’t granted on isolated issues. ReputationAdvocate.com has found that efforts to have content removed from the Internet are very rarely effective.


How do I know when it’s time to contract with a service like ReputationAdvocate.com?
The best time to contact an online reputation management company like ReputationAdvocate.com is before something negative has been posted. Unfortunately, most clients contact ReputationAdvocate.com after an online attack has been launched, which lends urgency to the situation. Remember that ReputationAdvocate.com can work with you prior to negative content being posted, ensuring your online presence is always a positive one.

Once an attack has been launched, your reputation is immediately at stake. Call ReputationAdvocate.com today to ensure your potential customers are unaware of these malicious attacks. ReputationAdvocate.com can provide a free analysis of your current online content to determine what assistance you will need to get your company back on track. Let ReputationAdvocate.com help you protect your online identity before you are violated online.

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